You may have noticed that the option to purchase a private reading and/ or small group reading with me has been removed from our online store.

If I’m reading the cards right, and I know I am, it is time to move in the direction of my dreams and focus on “The Power of 10.” It’s the next step, and it’s flourishing in a VERY big way!

I read this morning that people are motivated by two things: taking pain away and moving toward pleasure. For the past several years, utilizing my gifts to reach the other side, I’ve done my best to heal the pain of loss for many of you and to find closure. I’ve also empowered you to communicate with those on the other side through their new “language,” and to understand at a deeper level, Love never dies. Energy never dies, it just changes form.

Now, through channeling “The Power of 10,” I’m offering blissful transformation—pleasures on a level even I didn’t know existed! I thought I could do both, but I’ve found they are on opposite ends of the spectrum.

And so, I ask you to please support me in listening to the FREE audio recordings at If it resonates, please pass it on to like-minded friends and family. Maybe come see me at an upcoming event (tix below and details here) and/or an intimate gathering of 10 in my local studio in Folsom (Sign up HERE).

This is so very powerful -- I hope you follow me into this major transition into my soul’s infinite unfolding. Please sign up on my email list to become aware of more exciting changes as they manifest.

Thank you!

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