Power of 10 Circle at my studio

Want to IGNITE the fire within?! Need some clarity, inner peace, and focus? Please join us for an intimate Q&A gathering with The Power of 10, spiritual masters who communicate powerful messages through the vehicle of Michelle Paisley Reed. Only 10 spots available to allow each person the opportunity to interact with them--you may either ask a question or just bask in their loving energy! Guaranteed to lift your vibration exponentially and attract all manner of seemingly miraculous opportunities, interactions, and adventures.

Bring a friend, and share deep conversations afterward.You may direct potential guests to the FREE audio recordings at to see who resonates with their messages.

Power of 10 Circles are available every other Wednesday from 7-9pm in Folsom, CA.

Purchase now for the introductory rate of $50 per person. To reserve your seat, simply CLICK HERE!

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